Sale and Rental

of Buoys and Pipe Stoppers

Divex Marine can also help with your marine and underwater projects through the sale and rental of high-quality materials at market prices. Our products are made with durable materials and come with warrantees that exceed market standards.

Buoys (navigational aid)

We sell, annually install, store, and maintain navigational buoys.

Pneumatic Pipe Plugs

We sell, install, and repair pneumatic pipe plugs. (more details)

Design and manufacture

We have a welding workshop to produce customized parts: water intake grates, buoy anchor systems, cofferdams, etc.

Plongée en Eau Potable


We also rent the following items for your underwater projects:

ROV and side-scan sonar (operated by our team)

Work boats and rescue boats certified by Transport Canada


Other equipment by request

For a cost estimate, call us today at 450-441-2974.