Inspection and Repair

of Ships and Yachts

Highly sophisticated repair service for ships

For vessels that are afloat, inspections and repairs can be carried out by our diver inspectors and welders who will propose the most effective solution for your situation. In some cases, our remote operated vehicle may prove to be the most useful tool for diagnosis. (ROV)

Furthermore, if dry-docking is required to inspect and repair your vessel, Divex Marine has the expertise to carry out this delicate operation afloat, thereby saving time and costs associated to such a procedure.

We know your ships must respect their itinerary to arrive at destination on time. We’re therefore ready to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Réparation Navire


Cleaning and polishing of the hull, propeller, and thrusters

Custom manufacturing of parts (water intake grates, propeller protective plates, casings)

Measuring the residual thickness of the steel (NDT)

Replacing sacrificial anodes

Installing magnetic membranes

Welding, drilling and cutting

General mechanics

General underwater inspection and construction

Strategic location

Our strategic location in the greater Montreal area means rapid service within a vast territory in Quebec and Ontario, including the Saint Lawrence and Great Lakes Seaway. Wherever you are, Divex Marine will be pleased to make the trip to offer you our professional services.

We are also located near major road networks and the Montreal-St-Hubert-Longueuil airport. This is ideal for providing emergency service when fast and efficient access is required to serve your needs.


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