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Whether an inspection or recovery, Divex Marine Inc is able to complete the job with speed and effectiveness.

An examination using a ROV is the best method to inspect a confined space, the interior of a pipe, and to conduct deep water searches, since tasks can be carried out in greater safety while minimizing costs.

This remote operated underwater vehicle is particularly designed for inspections and taking measurements inside of pipes 450 mm Ø and larger, to a maximum distance of 1000 m.

This underwater vehicle is remote-controlled from a control station with a PC screen. It is also outfitted with high-tech equipment:

  • Tritech DST Micron side-scan sonar
  • Laser system measuring a precise distance between two points (50 mm)
  • Colour video camera
  • Low luminosity black and white video camera
  • Robotic arm
  • GPS positioning system
  • Thermometer and depth gauge
  • Applications:

    • Find and position water intakes and shipwrecks
    • Find and refloat anchors and various objects
    • Rip rap inspections
    • Pipe inspections
  • Sites often inspected:

    • Water intakes and fall outs
    • Potable water tanks
    • Dam and hydro-electric station walls
    • Bridges, wharfs, submerged tunnels
    • Port installations
    • Pipelines, and water networks
  • Other specialized services:

    • Technical plans and reports (documents certified by a senior engineer)
    • Positioning of objects and structures
    • Marine surveys
    • Bathymetry
    • Current measurements
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Accreditation: Minimize the Risk!

Divex Marine has been certified by several world-renowned organizations. Our divers in particular are highly qualified with commercial diving certification. With Divex Marine, you have the assurance of prompt and professional work that meets the highest standards of quality and safety.